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Liquid nitrogen quick freezer

liquid nitrogen cabinet freezer (100kg h~3000kg h)


The freezer is using the liquid nitrogen as the freezing medium, the lowest temperature is -190℃, but you can adjust the temperature as your need.  the cold gas nitrogen loop inside of this chamber, When it is in contact with food, gasification will be able to take heat away more quickly.The ultra-low temperature and high heat exchange rate achieve a really quick Frozen.

Working temperature―room temperature ~-190℃ can adjust the temperature  as your need
inside  Lowest  temperature――≤-190℃;
 Max cooling rate―― 0~20 ℃/min can be set at random
 Insulation box――Including the box, door, thermal-protective coating made of stainless steel AISI 304;

Such fast freezing,generating the smallest ice crystals, and helps maintain food texture.This also prevents water loss, and almost no loss:to maintain the original color,flavor and original quality of the food.

It is widely used in meat products, seafood and aquatic products, shabu-shabu, fruits, vegetables, pasta and other quick-frozen foods. Such as: seafood, abalone, sea shrimp, sea cucumber, lobster, sea fish, salmon, crab, meat, rice balls, dumplings, buns, dumplings, spring rolls, wonton, cheese, bamboo shoots, sticky corn, antler, strawberry, pineapple, bayberry, alligator Pear, durian, papaya, litchi, prepared food, etc.

the advantage of this liquid nitrogen freezer as follows:
1. the lowest temperature of -196 ℃, ( can adjust the temperature as your need).
   freezing time is very short ( about 5minutes ~10minutes), large capacity per
unit time, high efficiency!
2. Long preservation time, good food quality and good taste of food.
3. Less dry weight loss (just 0.25~O.5%), other dry consumption is about 3-10%,
    no loss of nutrient juice and water, and the post-thawed food can maintain "original flavor"!
4. Easy to clean easy to maintain, a key operation to say goodbye to the tedious setting of distress!
5. Less investment, at least save 30% than traditional mechanical freezer.
6. Use liquid nitrogen to refrigerate safe, clean and pollution-free, and inhibit microbial growth and  reproduction!
7. Use liquid nitrogen quick-frozen ingredients to get the QS certification directly!
8. The liquid nitrogen is an inert gas quick-frozen food material resistance to oxidation period is more than three times the traditional quick-freezing equipment!
9. Man-machine interface + English and Chinese PLC automatic program control system + module programmable control, easy to learn, safety no hidden danger!

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