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Application and principle of cryogenic box

2020-03-23 16:18:11

Cryogenic box are widely used in high-speed steel, hard alloys, measuring tools, blades, molds, saw blades, oil pumps, grease nipples, micro motor shafts, automotive bearings, golf heads, rolls, low temperature valves, aluminum alloys, copper alloy , Hardware, tools, springs, gears, bearings, diamonds, mines, geological drill bits, steel sheets, mechanical parts, medicine, biological engineering and other fields.

Working principle of cryogenic box:

1. It transforms austenite with lower hardness into harder, more stable martensite with higher wear resistance and heat resistance;
2. Through ultra-low temperature treatment, the crystal lattice of the processed material has more widely distributed carbide particles with higher hardness and finer grain size;
3. It can produce more uniform, smaller, and micro material structures with greater density in metal grains;
4. Due to the additional micro-carbide particles and finer crystal lattice, it leads to a denser molecular structure, which greatly reduces the tiny voids in the material;
5. The internal thermal and mechanical stress of the material is greatly reduced after ultra-low temperature treatment, thereby effectively reducing the possibility of causing cracks and chipping of tools and measuring tools. In addition, because the residual stress in the measuring tool affects the ability of the cutting edge to absorb kinetic energy, the ultra-low temperature treated measuring tool not only has higher abrasion resistance, but also the harm of its own residual stress is greatly reduced compared to the untreated measuring tool ;
6. In the treated cemented carbide, due to the decrease of its electronic kinetic energy, a new combination of molecular structures is produced.

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