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What materials can be cryogenically processed?

2020-04-06 11:22:46

Which parts can improve performance and service life through cryogenic treatment?
The emergence of cryogenic and ultra-cryogenic technologies has attracted great attention from the scientific research community and industry. It has been used abroad in drills, cutting tools, measuring tools, molds and precision parts, such as oil pump nozzles, engine turbine shafts, and rollers. , Valves, gears, springs and other workpiece performance improvement. In the automotive industry, major auto companies are also experimenting with brakes using cryogenic treatment. In order to improve the stability and safety of the car and the service life of the brake.
     The United States and Japan not only apply cryogenic technology to high-speed steel, bearing steel, and mold steel to improve the wear resistance, strength and toughness and overall service life of the material, but also use cryogenic treatment technology Cryogenic alloys, plastics, rubber, asphalt, glass, etc. are cryogenically treated, which also greatly improves the uniformity, dimensional stability and service life.
  At present, cryogenic technology has been widely used in aerospace, marine, military, manufacturing, automotive, hardware tools, sports equipment, metal processing and other industries.
The following are some examples of specific applications of cryogenic technology:
· Cutting tools and cutters
· Machine tool
· Motor sports engine and transmission
· Brake discs for racing and fleet vehicles
· Copper wire and electrical components
· Stamping tools
· Punch and die set
· Carbide tool
· Precision mechanical parts
· Electrode
· Audio tube, power supply, air conditioner
· Wood cutting and shaping tools and blades
· Saw blade
· Firearms and barrels
· Softball bat
· heat sink
· Mould
· Nylon material

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