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Introduction of cryogenic box

2020-03-23 17:58:45

Cryogenic box is used for the cryogenic treatment of various metal materials such as mold steel, bearing steel, tool steel, gauge steel, roll steel and aluminum alloy, which improves the wear resistance and toughness of the material, and improves the overall workpiece. Service life; interference cold assembly of various components and simulation of ultra-low temperature environment.

The structure of the cryogenic box:

    1. The equipment has a square box structure. The box and the door are made of 304 stainless steel by welding. The load-bearing skeleton is welded and formed by low-carbon steel square tubes to support and protect the cryogenic box to ensure heavy load. Security of the equipment;

    2. The inner and outer boxes of the equipment are filled with heat insulation layer, which is a high-grade rigid polyurethane foam with a thermal insulation coefficient of less than 0.02W / (m · K), which can effectively block the cold and heat exchange inside and outside the box and reduce the consumption of liquid nitrogen;

    3. The special sealing material is installed between the box and the cover of the equipment, and it can still maintain a soft and highly elastic state at low temperatures. The sealing effect is excellent and the sealing requirements are effectively guaranteed;

    4. The equipment box and the cover are securely and reliably locked by multiple fastening devices;

    5. The box cover is provided with a cylinder to facilitate the opening and support of the box cover. The bottom of the box can be installed with a stable ground foot structure or a caster to facilitate the movement of the box without damaging the ground.

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