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Automatic Instant Noodle Packaging Machine Fresh Noodle Packaging Machine Roast

Multi-purpose Hotel Toothbrush Soap Pillow Packing Machine Steel Ball Scrubbing Pad Makeup Puff Automatic Packing Machine


Main function and characteristic


1. The whole machine has reasonable structure,smooth desigon,conventient maintenance,low failure rate and low noise;

2. Multi axis servo drive conteol,simple operation,convenient,stable operation,high control precision,low energy consumption;

3. The color touch screen display,intuitive,convenient adjustment,self diagnosis of fault display,with data storage function,replacement specification packaging products easy to operate;the cutter can be memory for each peoduct line speed ,feed position to send products;

4. The bag maker can be adjusted at will, which is convenient and quick to operate;

5. It can be equipped with multiple automatic feeding device, and has strong expansibility;

6. Three-axis servo motor drive, with empty bag detection, automatic feeding and other functions.

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