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cryogenic treatment equipment

2012-02-02 11:50:00

Nuoruida (Tianjin) science andTechnology Co., Ltd. is a domestic brand specializing in the development of ultra-low temperature cryogenic equipment and various liquid nitrogen cryogenic treatment equipment. The main products are: cryogenic box, cryogenic device equipment, cryogenic treatment equipment and so on. 
          It is divided into two: different materials, different equipment, different process parameters, and different structures and quality after heat treatment. Even if the information trademark, equipment, and process parameters are the same, because the upper and lower limits of the chemical composition content, the upper and lower limits of the heat treatment temperature, and the upper and lower limits of the holding time, the structure and quality of the heat treatment will be different. Even if the upper and lower limits of the chemical composition content, the upper and lower limits of the heat treatment temperature, and the upper and lower limits of the holding time are the same, because the process, quality, and structure of the cold and hot processing in the early heat treatment are different, the structure and quality of the heat treatment will also be different. Therefore, after a problem arises, it is necessary to analyze the specific problem, that is, to divide it into two. Ultra-low temperature processing
2. Two diagrams: Fe-C phase diagram, C curve. The Fe-C phase diagram is the necessary knowledge for dealing with steel. The C curve is the microstructure change diagram of the steel after cooling. These two diagrams are the basis of heat treatment. As long as you grasp these two diagrams and deepen your understanding of these two diagrams, you can have a lean heat treatment and heat treatment can begin. Ultra-low temperature processing
3. Three processes: heating, heat preservation and cooling. These three processes run through all heat treatment processes. The quality of these three processes determines the quality of the final heat treatment. These three processes are well understood, and heat treatment is just the beginning. Ultra-low temperature processing
4. Four fires: annealing, normalizing, quenching, and tempering. These four fires are the most common heat treatment. The quality of these four fires must reflect the level of heat treatment to a certain extent. If these four fires are burned well, it is a heat treatment technician. Ultra-low temperature processing
5. Five organizations: austenite, cementite, martensite, bainite, pearlite. A thorough understanding of the characteristics, shape, precipitation (composition) conditions, and functions of these five organizations is required to advance the level of heat treatment technology. Ultra-low temperature processing
6. Six major defects: six major defects: oxidation, decarburization, overheating, overheating, deformation, and cracking. During the work, overheating and cracking defects are the most taboo, because these two defects are irreparable defects. The other four This should also be avoided as much as possible, although it can be compensated, but it significantly increases the workload and production costs. Heat treatment can avoid or alleviate these six major defects is a qualified heat treatment engineer. Ultra-low temperature processing
7. Seven phase transformations: pearlite to austenite (P → A), austenite to pearlite (A → P), austenite to sorbite (A → S), austenite Change to flex (Torque) austenite (A → T) Austenite to martensite (A → M), austenite to bainite (A → B), martensite to tempered martensite The body (M → M back) grasps these seven phase transformation heat treatments at a high level. Ultra-low temperature processing
8. Eight processes: annealing process, normalizing process, quenching process, tempering process, surface quenching process, chemical heat treatment process, vacuum heat treatment process, special heat treatment process (laser, ion nitridation, PCD, CVD, ion plating, etc.) Grasp these eight processes, heat treatment is the expert! Ultra-low temperature processing
   Nuoruida (Tianjin) science andTechnology Co., Ltd is the first production: cryogenic box, cryogenic equipment, cryogenic processing equipment.
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