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the liquid nitrogen quick-freezer will help in seafood

2021-05-25 10:24:04

 The liquid nitrogen quick-freezer is a freezing equipment that can freeze a large amount of products in a short time, and can effectively and economically freeze the products placed inside the quick-freezer.
At present, China’s quick-frozen food industry has begun to develop rapidly. my country is rich in products. Fruits, vegetables, aquatic products and many other products are suitable for processing quick-frozen food. The demand for quick-frozen food in the international market is also rising steadily, and the domestic market is booming. In particular, high-quality products are continuing to grow. If food processing companies want to further improve their product quality and core competitiveness, they must create an industrial chain advantage. This also requires understanding of new technologies in the field of freezing and cooling processing to meet their own needs. The liquid nitrogen quick freezing machine not only uses heating technology, temperature control technology and liquid nitrogen dispersion technology, which makes the process of program-controlled heating, constant temperature, and cooling uniform and stable, and can drop to minus 100 degrees in 5 minutes, realizing rapid freezing and helping enterprises Realize the demand for high-quality products and bring higher value to quick-frozen food.
   Spring and summer seafood has always been loved by people for its plump and good taste. As the weather has warmed up in recent days, fishermen have also started fishing for seasonal scallops, oysters and other seafood. Haihong also ushered in a bumper harvest at the time. It is worth mentioning that, as people use quick-freezing machines to quick-freeze the processed fresh Haihong in processing, it also provides a guarantee for Haihong's quality and quantity to be sold to all parts of the country.
Haihong, which refers to mussels, is a bivalve mollusk. Its outer shell is dark brown and has high nutritional value. For example, it is rich in 8 amino acids such as valine and leucine required by the human body. The content of unsaturated fatty acids also gives it the reputation of "eggs in the sea". In addition, the price of Haihong is more friendly to the people than other seafood products, and it can be steamed, boiled and eaten, or it can be cooked with other ingredients after the shell is removed. It is a popular seafood delicacy.
   Although the delicious sea rainbow is available all year round, some fishermen say that "the spring sea rainbow is more plump and fragrant in terms of meat quality and taste." Therefore, the sea rainbow peak season has also recently appeared. However, the difficulty of keeping fresh Haihong has always been a major difficulty in its sales. As the quick-freezing machine is used in Haihong's processing, it has also brought changes to Haihong's storage, transportation and sales.
In recent years, quick-freezing technology has been widely used in the field of food processing. The liquid nitrogen quick-freezer can quickly reduce the temperature to minus 18 degrees, and is equipped with full cold chain transportation in the follow-up to better achieve the purpose of "locking fresh" as raw materials. , You can see that there are everything on the market today, such as quick-frozen pasta, quick-frozen dishes, and quick-frozen fresh f
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