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cryogenic processing history

2012-06-20 11:14:00


     As early as more than 100 years ago, Swiss watchmakers buried key parts of the watch in the cold Alps snow mountain to increase the service life of the watch; and some experienced tool manufacturers stored the tools in the freezer before using the tools. Months can also achieve a similar effect. It now appears that they have used cold treatment unconsciously.


      With the development of refrigeration technology, cryogenic treatment technology appeared in the 1930s. In 1939, the Russians first proposed the concept of cryogenic treatment, but because the cryogenic cryogenic technology was not perfect at that time, it was only theoretically discussed for a long time and explored in the laboratory.


       Professor F. Barron of the Louisiana Institute of Technology in the United States studied five different alloy steels in the late 1960s. By comparing the samples without cold treatment, low temperature treatment at -84 ° C and cryogenic treatment at -190 ° C, it was found that the abrasive wear of the samples after the low temperature treatment changed significantly, but the hardness did not change significantly. The abrasion resistance of the samples treated at -84 ° C was 2.0-6.6 times higher than that of the non-cold treatment, and the abrasion resistance of the samples treated at -190 ° C was 2.6 times higher than that of the samples treated at -84 ° C. The actual production process also confirmed the correctness of F. Barron's research results. The punches produced by Dayton for large-scale turbine engines were doubled in service life after treatment at -190 ° C.


      With the development of liquid nitrogen technology and thermal insulation materials, in the United States, the cryogenic treatment was put into practical use for the first time in 1965, and the main application target was the aviation field. After that, cryogenic technology began to attract the attention of researchers from all over the world. Immediately, scholars from Britain, Russia, Japan and other countries conducted extensive and in-depth research on it. Many studies have shown that after cryogenic treatment, the hardness and wear resistance of the material are greatly improved compared to ordinary cold treatment.


      China's research and development of cryogenic treatment started late. At the end of the 1980s, Chinese researchers began to study the cryogenic treatment process and mechanism. The materials mainly concentrated on tool steel, die steel and high-speed steel. The results of the study show that the performance of the material after cryogenic treatment is generally significantly improved compared with the general cold treatment. In recent years, with the development of cryogenic technology, cryogenic treatment has gradually expanded from the research of ferrous metals to non-ferrous metals and composite materials, and has made certain research progress.

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