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Features of cryogenic processing equipment

2012-04-16 15:44:00

Cryogenic treatment is a post-heat treatment process in which the metal is processed at -185 ° C, so that the soft residual austenite is almost completely transformed into high-strength martensite, which can reduce surface looseness and surface roughness. After the completion, not only the surface, but also the strength of the entire metal can be increased, the wear resistance increased, the toughness increased, and other performance indicators improved, so that the mold and the tool still have high wear resistance and high strength after several refurbishments. , Life expectancy has increased exponentially. For knife and scissors products that have not been cryogenically treated, their life will be significantly reduced after refurbishment. Cryogenic treatment is not only applied to knife and scissors products, but also can be applied to the molds for making knife and scissors products, which can also significantly improve the life of the mold.

    * Common cryogenic processing equipment uses liquid nitrogen refrigeration, which is economical and convenient. Generally, liquid nitrogen cryogenic tanks are used to store liquid nitrogen. Many scholars and manufacturers at home and abroad have developed a variety of liquid nitrogen cryogenic equipment for refrigeration.The liquid nitrogen vaporization type cryogenic chamber developed by Tianjin Heat Treatment Research Institute in 1989. Consumption is 0.7 kg of liquid nitrogen per kilogram of workpiece. The nested cryogenic equipment developed by Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 1993 adopted a dual cooling method, that is, the outer box was mechanically cooled to -18 ~-24 ° C, and the inner box was cooled to -15 ° C with liquid nitrogen The temperature deviation is within 3 ° C. Deep-well cold treatment device developed by the Low Temperature Technology Experimental Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1996. The lowest working temperature is -100 ° C, the temperature deviation is within 2 ° C, and the temperature rise and fall rates are 5 to 40 ° C / h. Automatic control.


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